2021 AISES Leadership Summit

Held Virtually April 2 and April 9, 2021

2021 AISES Leadership Summit

Held Virtually April 2 and April 9, 2021

About the AISES Leadership Summit

Get ready for two days of learning and creativity at the American Indian Science and Engineering Society 2021 Leadership Summit. This popular AISES program is perfect for students from high school through postdoc — as well as emerging and mature professionals — who want to hone the myriad skills they will need to be at their best in this rapidly changing world. The AISES Leadership Summit delivers on strategies that equip Native science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) students and leaders with knowledge, tools, and wisdom to succeed within the organizational structures in their work or academic lives. Through sessions and workshops, Leadership Summit participants learn how to fulfill their potential as STEM leaders as they pursue their career and academic goals. We invite you to join us and experience an innovative leadership development program that incorporates relationships, collaboration, and cultural foundations that will inform and support the unique leader in you.

The Summit is leadership in action from elders, mentors, researchers, students, and professionals that supports the emotional and the motivation in all of us. Together participants inform, interpret, and utilize STEM skills, knowledge, and opportunities to meet challenges, solve problems, build student readiness, and spark innovation that gives individuals the ability to compete in a highly competitive global economy.

AISES Leadership Summit Goes Virtual

Our annual Leadership Summit will take place on two Fridays – April 2 and April 9 – virtually. During these two Fridays the summit will feature live events and sessions that incorporate leadership strategies from thought leaders, to build relationships and explore the future of STEM for students and professionals. 

Goals of the Summit

  • Enhance the skills and knowledge of AISES members in various career development paths and career ladders
  • Provided AISES members with support and build their confidence to transition into the STEM workforce
  • Develop AISES professional members as role models for high school, college, graduate, and postdoctoral students
  • Provide an environment that allows AISES members to "linger and learn" from each other.

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Code of Conduct

All Leadership Summit participants are expected to adhere to the AISES standards of conduct throughout the meeting.


This year's Leadership Summit is $49 for students, $79 for educators and advisors, and $79 for professionals.




Registration Scholarships are available to students, educators/advisors, and professionals.

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